Wilderness Lodge

In addition to the many wilderness huts, we use the camp of the wilderness lodge for our activities that & nbsp; is located in the North Dalarna region near Särna. The region is located in central Sweden and can therefore also be reached quickly and cheaply from central Europe. The wilderness lodge is located 260 km north of Oslo Airport and can therefore be easily reached by plane, bus or car. There is snow here from December to the end of April and there are more moose than people. Wolves and bears also roam the country. There is a continental climate with cold winters. The sun shines a lot. Even in deep winter there is still daylight for a long time, which is a clear advantage over northern Scandinavia. The region is home to the Fulufjäll National Park, Sweden's southernmost mountains, an unspoilt natural paradise with Sweden's highest waterfall.

The wilderness lodge is eight kilometers from Särna and is located in total wilderness. The next inhabited house is five kilometers away. The wilderness lodge is located in a remote valley on a 30-meter-wide river that turns to ice in winter. The Fjäll region begins just 20 km away, a treeless mountain world with unique views.